About Us

Bath Edible Adventures are a tour company offering bespoke gastronomic gallops around the Georgian city of Bath. You can experience delightful epicurean adventures tasting flavours of the best that Bath and the West Country have to offer as part of an exclusive and moveable supper club.

Why choose Bath Edible Adventures?

We offer original and interesting tours of Bath, focusing on the best local produce and delicacies. We are food enthusiasts, and having lived in the city for 15 years we want to share with others our love of local food and the beauty of Bath!

We provide a neat package that includes all the foodie wonders of Bath (and the surrounding region) in one evening! If you’re short on time, we can lead you straight to some of the best and more quirky venues to sample all of Bath’s foodie delights. It is a sociable but exclusive tour, and because we move venues throughout the evening we have a chance to present some of the main and lesser known sights as we go – with a few facts thrown in for good measure. We like to describe it as an evening out with like-minded foodie friends in a new city where the local in-the-know holds the key to all the best places to eat.

Our tours start and finish quite early in the evening – and so this also gives visitors a chance to explore and extend their evening beyond the tour. The tour is ideal for those who are visiting Bath for just a couple of days or a weekend, as it not only offers a delicious culinary crawl, but a chance to familiarise yourself with the city.

We love to support small businesses and independent venues in the city and so we offer you the opportunity to try the best local food that has been produced in a traditional and handmade way. We do not compromise on quality, so expect to enjoy a delicious 4 course dinner with 2 drinks as part of this experience.


Who is the tour for?

We welcome all food lovers to experience our tour, whether in a small group, as part of a couple or as a solo traveller. We offer mainly early evening tours, but we can adjust timings according to individual requests.

If you have a natural curiosity to try new foods, and to learn a little more about the city of Bath – then this is the tour for you!

Step into the world of a local foodie about town – not a stuffy lecture-based kind of tour that involves hordes of people wearing headsets following a guide.  Join us on a tour and be part of an intimate, friendly and special supper club for one night in a new city!

What we’re not

Although we’re the food lover’s dream, if you’re in the market for a fully detailed history lecture about the architecture of Bath, or a complex story about our Roman founders, then we might not be the tour for you! Our tours are primarily focused around the food, with facts and sightseeing as an added bonus.


About Jodie

Hello! I’m Jodie, and it’s my love of food that started this whole Bath Edible Adventures journey!

I’ve always loved food, I mean, who doesn’t? But for me it goes a little further.

I graduated with a BSc in Nutrition (but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I shy away from the occasional pudding) before starting a career in food events. For several years I spent my days as the events manager of an artisan pie company which was where I discovered my love of sharing food experiences with other people. Believe me, once you’ve seen the look of delight on someone’s face at the first taste of something you’ve recommended (heeelllooo haddock, fresh parsley and new potato pie), you’re hooked!

While I might have a bit of a wandering soul (I’ve worked in foodie related jobs around the world, and I’m not saying I plan every journey I take around food but.. actually, yes, I do), it’s the delights in my own city of Bath that really excite me! If we had the time, I’d regale you with tales from the year I spent running an organic café in the city, or maybe I’d give you an in-depth retelling of first time I tasted Bath Blue from the Soft Cheese Company.

It seemed selfish to keep the tastiest parts of Bath to myself, great food is definitely an experience to be shared. I can’t wait to welcome you to my city, and share my secret off-the-beaten-track eateries & unmissable local delicacies with you!